Ground and Sage

Stones That Ground & Protect

We love our grounding stones! I am of the opinion that if a stone grounds, it also protects. To me, this makes total sense. A grounding stone connects your Root Chakra to the Earth, and Mama Earth always has your back, right?! Most people don’t consider Shiva Lingam to have the protective qualities like Black Tourmaline or Hematite, but I beg to differ. I feel very much loved and supported by the Shiva Lingam, very nurtured and protected. Do you agree? 


What does this term actually mean?  The dictionary term is very different from the metaphysical term.  A basic training or instruction in a subject is the dictionary definition.  Metaphysically, grounding refers to the connection of one’s physical and spiritual body to mother earth for energetic balance & harmony.

How do I decide which stone?

The definition of protect means to keep safe from harm or injury. Metaphysically, this definition translates nicely.  The protective quality of a stone often refers to the ability to deflect, transmute or neutralize energy to prevent physical or psychic harm.

First and foremost, always go with your first impression, first inclination.  By going with your first thought, you are listening to the seat of your soul.  Our soul innately knows what we need.  However, we get bogged down with mind chatter, making it more difficult to intuit our needs.  As your mind becomes quieter, that intuitive voice inside your head will become louder and more present and direct you toward what you need.  Quieting the mind can be as simple as taking in a slow and deep breath through the nose and exhaling mindfully through the mouth.  Some people achieve a quieter mind through meditation or physical exercise.

In general, black or darker colored stones resonate with the lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus).  The lower chakras help with grounding and protecting your energy.  There are other stones aside from the five crystals listed here, that could be considered.  However, I have chosen to list the more commonly known, more easily obtained and more readily available crystals for the purpose of this article.

Black Obsidian
Obsidian is natural volcanic glass formed from molten lava.  This crystal tends to work swiftly, connecting instantly to your root chakra.  Black Obsidian grounds, cleanses, and is very protective and healing.  
Shiva Lingam

The elongated egg shape of the Shiva Lingam connects to the lower chakras.  Often thought of as a fertility stone, the Shiva Lingam is a great stabilizing and balancing stone as well.

Smoky Quartz

This variant of Quartz has a natural and smoky color and an energy that is very grounding.  Smoky Quartz helps remove negativity and is a very transformative stone.

Hematite is metallic in appearance and in its natural state does not hold a magnetic charge. Hematite has great grounding energy and is also a protective and balancing stone. 
Black Tourmaline
Like the other stones, Black Tourmaline resonates with the Root Chakra.  It is a well-known grounding and protective stone. There is a lesser-known benefit of Black Tourmaline in that it is a great calming stone.