Ground and Sage

The Five Clairs

When developing your intuition, you will find one sense – or Clair – is strongest. Most people are familiar with the Clairvoyant. Often depicted in movies as a woman wearing a headscarf, gazing into a crystal ball in a candlelit room, predicting some gullible soul’s doomful future. This makes for a good movie but is not accurate and quite contrived.

As an Intuitive, I can tell you the majority of us don’t wear head scarfs and don’t scry into crystal balls – and we certainly don’t deliver doomful messages!

I created this graphic because Canva is so much fun to work with, first off! Secondly, and most important, most of us have more than one Clair, but only know of the Clairvoyant. Therefore, we come to the inaccurate conclusion that we must not be intuitive because we cannot predict the future. Everyone has the ability to strengthen their intuition – everyone. Which Clair do you think you are? What is your strongest Clair?  Let’s explore.


The most visually attuned, this type of Clair has the ability to see things with the help of their Third Eye.  The Clairvoyant has the ability to see into the future and predict upcoming events.

You may be Clairvoyant if you have vivid dreams that come true, can view things remotely before they occur, see flashes of light or blurry movements out of the corner of your eyes when nothing should be moving, or see flashes of symbols or images in your mind’s eye. 

You connect very deeply with beautiful things, like pictures, symbols or visual objects.


This type of Clair has the ability to know something without understanding how they know it.  This type of Clair is the most mind attuned.

You may be Claircognizant if you tend to know things for a fact without actually having any experience with the topic at hand.  Clear ideas and knowledge pop into your head usually when you’re thinking about something else.  You tend to be very analytical and enjoy problem solving.  You often know what someone is going to say before they say it, like in movies or tv shows.


The Clairaudient has the capability of receiving intuitive vocal messages from the world of spirits or higher beings.  This type of Clair is very much hearing attuned.  Their hearing transcends the physical realm.

You may be Clairaudient if you hear someone saying your name when no one is around.  You spoke to imaginary friends as a child. You enjoy the quiet but are a lover of music.  You often hear ringing in your ears.  You are hypersensitive to noise.

Messages for this Clair come thru clear words and phrases, music, or other sounds. 

Clairgustant & Clairalient
The lesser known of the Clairs.  Clairgustant is the ability to taste things that are not present, and it could be anything.  Clairsalient is the ability to smell things that are not present. The sense of taste and smell are closely connected, and often you will have both of these Clairs, as they are intricately tied together.
You maybe be Clairgustant if you when remembering a certain situation or place you can taste the food you ate there.  A certain taste may enter your mouth when you are meditating or relaxing, this could be spirit’s way of getting your attention.
You may be Clairalient if you have a highly developed sense of smell.  You smell things that no one else can perceive, like the signature scent of a departed loved one.
This type of Clair is closely attuned to the solar plexus chakra, and has a gut feeling about things.  The Clairsentient has the ability to sense or feel subtle energy.
You may be Clairsentient if you get easily drained or overwhelmed in a crowd. You get strong first impressions of people, often clearly and immediately perceiving the true root of their problems.  You are super sensitive with your feelings and tend to overthink.  You are very sensitive to energy, and often get spiritual chills or goosebumps. When you walk into a room you can quickly sense the vibe of that room.

Now that you have a better idea of the characteristics and nuances of each Clair, of the five types which one (or two, or three) resonates the most with you?