Ground and Sage

Does Size Matter?

Image of Rose Quartz Spheres of various size
Big or Small, We Love Them All!

Good things come in small packages.  

This is a phrase I recall my mother saying to me as a child.  I was at a holiday party, and all the kids were given the opportunity to pick a wrapped gift from a small pile.  I took my mother’s advice and selected the smallest gift in the pile.  She was right.  Again.  The moral of the story is to always listen to your mother! 😉

Those six words – good-things-come-in-small-packages – were really quite impactful to me, and became a mantra of sorts, for how I approach life.

Appreciate the small things.  Bigger isn’t always better.  Small details make a big impact.  Everything in moderation.  I could go on with the ruminations of those six words, lest I bore you; I’m pretty sure you get the general gist!

So how do those six words segue into crystals and minerals?  In more ways than you may realize.  When I first started my crystal journey – or should I say crystal obsession – I was sticker shocked by the price of some of the stones.  Some stones seemed incredibly pricey, especially for the size.  I recall making comments like “For the price, I would expect it to be larger” or “Why is a rock so expensive?”.

I have since become informed.  There are many, many variables that play into the cost of a stone.  First and foremost, we have to discern between mineral collector grade stones and crystal healer or enthusiast grade stones.  Two totally different playing fields.

Quality, quality, quality.

Mineral collectors look at 3 things – quality, quality, quality – an oversimplification of a complex subject, but nonetheless on point.  Meanwhile, most in the metaphysical community aren’t too concerned about a crystal’s habit, luster, or locale, inasmuch the energy of a stone.  Let’s talk about this.


I have seen small sized museum grade minerals with lofty price tags – like down payment on a house kind of lofty!  Mineral price and size don’t directly correlate to one another.  Fine gems are a keen example.  A small high-grade diamond can cost considerably more than a lower-grade diamond that is three times larger in size.

In the metaphysical community, while aesthetics matter somewhat, it is not the end all and be all criterion.  The energy of the stone is what matters most, the healing benefit of that stone.  In this case, does size matter?  The short answer is no.  Here’s the longer answer.

Let’s look at an X-small versus an X-large sized Rose Quartz sphere.  Both spheres emit the same healing energy, as the crystalline structure of quartz – or any crystal – is fixed and constant.  The Rose Quartz stays resonant in its vibration.  Rose Quartz aligns with the heart chakra, and emits a loving and supportive energy that is direct and purposeful.

Where size becomes important is the purpose and manner in which the crystal is going to be used.  An X- small sphere is good to carry close to the body where the stone can work with and focus solely on you.  An X-Large sphere would be great in a room, where it can emit its healing energy to a larger and wider area that benefits anyone in the room.  So, size does matter – depending on how you wish to work with a stone.  Intention is also important when working with any crystal, especially Quartz.  Quartz has the unique ability to hold and amplify intention, as well as boost the energy of other stones.

Now that is not to say a smaller sphere wouldn’t work or be effective in a large room.  I liken the smaller sphere to a whisper in the room, versus a shout from the X-Large sphere.  When choosing a stone, think about all the ways you plan on using that stone and for what purpose – don’t base your decision solely on price or size. 

And remember, good things come in small packages.