Ground and Sage

Crystals & the 7 Chakras

A while back I wrote a blog on Crystal Colors and Chakra Healing.  This is a short follow-up blog with informational graphic that may come in handy as a quick reference.  I often get asked ‘How do you know which crystal goes with what chakra?’.  I hope this graphic is helpful. 

Please note, there are many crystals besides those mentioned in the graphic, that can be equally effective and/or beneficial. The graphic is simply a recommendation, as nothing is set in stone (see what I did there? he, he! 😜).  When working with stones, it is important to listen to your gut – also known as your intuition – and let that ‘first thought, first inclination’ be your guide. Selecting whichever stone feels right for you is the stone you’re meant to work with.  You literally cannot mess this up!

Now you’re all set to go and get your energy centers open, aligned and spinning!