Ground and Sage

Crystal Shapes & Forms

Crystals come in all sorts of forms and shapes – this is a result of the structure of the crystalline growth and the type of crystal habit formed as a result.  The coloring of minerals comes from trace impurities, as well as the physical structure.

When working with crystals for healing or energy work, the shape of the crystal becomes important.  For instance, a point is great to direct energy. Point the termination toward the body to channel energy in or point away from the body to draw energy off.  Single point crystals differ from the double terminated (DT) point crystal.  The DT has the ability to radiate and absorb energy simultaneously, channeling in two directions at once.

A crystal cluster is great at radiating energy out and around, as an example a Calcite cluster would be great to cleanse a room.  Clusters are wonderful to have in healing spaces, like a therapist’s office or energy worker’s space.

A geode holds and amplifies energy within itself, this is a great shape to work with when working on your spiritual growth.

Square shaped crystals, like Pyrite, are great for anchoring intention and for grounding.  Fluorite is another great example of a square crystal that can transform negative energy into positive.

Amorphous crystals, like Obsidian, have no internal structure.  The energy flows rapidly and swiftly with Obsidian – making it a great stone if you are needing a strong and instant effect – works great on relieving grief.

Layered crystals, like Mica are useful when working through several things at once, they help spread the energy out, allowing you to get to the bottom of things, one layer at a time.  I love Lepidolite Mica for its gentle yet effective energy.

These are some examples of how the shape of a crystal can assist you when doing energy work.  Having the right tool for the task will help make your job easier.  Experiment and play around with your stones and see what works best for you – there is no right or wrong when it comes to working with the energy of the stones.  Keep your intention clear, of love and light, and you are good to go!