Ground and Sage

Crystal Colors & Chakra Healing

What is the correlation between a crystal’s color and its healing benefit?  I get asked this question a lot.

In my last blog post, I wrote about the A-B-Cs of crystals – crystal basics, if you will.  The how, why, and inner workings of crystal energy.  Here we will chat about the color of crystals, how color correlates to and impacts the body’s energy centers.

Crystals come in all the colors of the spectrum.  The easiest way to remember the colors of the spectrum is the acronym Roy G. Biv, the color guy!

  • R = Red
  • O = Orange 
  • Y = Yellow 
  • G = Green
  • B = Blue
  • I = Indigo
  • V = Violet

Imagine Roy sitting on the ground with his legs crossed.  Starting at the base of his spine and working your way up toward the top of his head, you will encounter the seven energy centers.

Chakra 1 = Root (Red) is located at the base of the spine

Chakra 2 = Sacral (Orange) is located near the perineum or sexual organ

Chakra 3 = Solar Plexus (Yellow) is located above the navel (belly button) at the lower chest

Chakra 4 = Heart (Green) is located at the center of the chest

Chakra 5 = Throat (Blue) located at the center of the neck at the level of the throat

Chakra 6 = Third Eye (Indigo) located on the forehead between the eyes

Chakra 7 = Crown (Violet) located at the very top of the head

  • There are other chakras located outside of the physical body; we will not be addressing those here.

What Exactly is a Chakra?

Chakras are spinning energy centers within our bodies that help our bodies function as source intended.  When an area of the body is out of sync, the corresponding energy center is functioning sub-optimally (either too much energy or not enough). Placement of crystals along the body at or near the chakra assists the body in restoring a better flow of energy.

Crystals are effective energy stabilizers.  Unlike humans, a crystal’s energy if fixed, constant and predictable.  The crystal’s energy never strays from its purpose or ability.  They are a great tool to assist the body in reestablishing energetic synchronicity & homeostasis.  When the body is in resonance with the ‘pulse’ of wellness, illness or dis-ease is less likely.

The quick and easiest way to learn what stone would work best is to let the stone’s color be your guide – a hint from mother nature.  This is a basic rule, and as with any rule, there are exceptions (which we will not touch on here).  For example, if you have a red stone, like Red Jasper, this stone energetically aligns with the red ROOT chakra.  A green stone, like Green Aventurine, aligns with the green HEART chakra.  And so on and so forth.

Each chakra governs different energetic, physiological, psychological and spiritual needs.  When there’s an imbalance in one of the energy centers, our bodies speak to us through various means – pain, anger, fatigue, etc.  Listening to what our bodies are trying to tell us is another blog post altogether! 🙂

Crystals are here to assist in our wellness, but should never be a replacement for proper diagnosis and treatment by a medical professional.  Energy healing is a supplemental & adjunctive form of healing, and should not be a sole means.

What does it mean to be in balance?

When the root chakra is in balance you feel grounded in the present.
When the sacral chakra is in balance you are able to fully feel and embrace your emotions.
When the solar plexus is in balance you feel at peace with your inner power.
When the heart is in balance you are able to let love flow.
When the throat chakra is in balance you are able to voice and speak your truth.
When the third eye is in balance you are guided by your intuition.
When the crown is balanced you are guided by the divine.

Is it realistic to expect all seven chakras to be in balance at the same time?  Absolutely not.  Unlike crystals, we are always in a state of energetic flux.  Whereas, crystals are in a fixed and constant energetic state.  This is why crystals are beneficial to our energetic well-being.  I equate crystals to the conductor of an orchestra.  The conductor helps the orchestra stay in tempo and rhythm, and play to its highest and fullest potential. 

When deciding which color crystal to buy or carry, I always recommend going with your first thought, first inclination.  Don’t overthink it.  Our bodies intuitively know what we need, miraculously.  There is no right or wrong decision, there are no good versus bad crystals.  Always go with the stone(s) that you are drawn to, always.  

Deciding on a stone is easier than choosing which outfit to wear – there is no color coordinating involved!  Some say the stones pick us.  Tell your logical & rational self to step aside, and allow your spiritual self to step in.  It really is that simple.