Stones That Ground & Protect

graphic of stones that ground and protect

We love our grounding stones! I am of the opinion that if a stone grounds, it also protects. To me, this makes total sense. A grounding stone connects your Root Chakra to the Earth, and Mama Earth always has your back, right?! Most people don’t consider Shiva Lingam to have the protective qualities like Black […]

Crystal & Stone Identification

There are several stone identification apps on the market to help with crystal and rock identification.  These apps are helpful to an extent, but often fall short in nailing down a definitive identification.  With roughly 3800 known minerals, you can see why it may not be so easy for an app to spit out the […]

The Five Clairs

When developing your intuition, you will find one sense – or Clair – is strongest. Most people are familiar with the Clairvoyant. Often depicted in movies as a woman wearing a headscarf, gazing into a crystal ball in a candlelit room, predicting some gullible soul’s doomful future. This makes for a good movie but is […]

Crystal Shapes & Forms

Crystals come in all sorts of forms and shapes – this is a result of the structure of the crystalline growth and the type of crystal habit formed as a result.  The coloring of minerals comes from trace impurities, as well as the physical structure. When working with crystals for healing or energy work, the […]

Crystals & the 7 Chakras

A while back I wrote a blog on Crystal Colors and Chakra Healing.  This is a short follow-up blog with informational graphic that may come in handy as a quick reference.  I often get asked ‘How do you know which crystal goes with what chakra?’.  I hope this graphic is helpful.  Please note, there are many […]

Crystal Wands As Healing Tools

Wands have been the traditional healing tool of shamans, healers and metaphysicians for centuries, dating all the way back to ancient Greece!  Wands are a great way to direct and focus energy and can be very powerful healing tools. Having the right tool for any task is not only helpful, but essential.  For example, can […]

Crystal Newbie Basics

You’re Totally Crystal Obsessed, Now What? Can’t stop thinking about crystals?  You’re not alone.  There is a strange phenomenon that occurs once you feel a connection to the stones.  I’m not quite sure what to call it or why it happens.  All I can say is welcome to the wonderful world of crystals! You’ve taken […]

How To Spot A Fake Crystal

I belong to a few different online crystal and mineral focused groups, and a recurrent theme I have noticed is the increase in posts about fake crystals.  Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t post a pic of their crystal and ask if it’s a fake.  It seems this whole crystal imposter syndrome is taking […]

Does Size Matter?

Big or Small, We Love Them All! Good things come in small packages.   This is a phrase I recall my mother saying to me as a child.  I was at a holiday party, and all the kids were given the opportunity to pick a wrapped gift from a small pile.  I took my mother’s advice […]

Crystal Colors & Chakra Healing

What is the correlation between a crystal’s color and its healing benefit?  I get asked this question a lot. In my last blog post, I wrote about the A-B-Cs of crystals – crystal basics, if you will.  The how, why, and inner workings of crystal energy.  Here we will chat about the color of crystals, […]